Lo-Fi Photograhy

Lo-fi photography is photography done using either low quality equipment or really cheap equipment to achieve a good “bad” images. What I mean by this is the quality of the photograph may not be up to par with traditional, formal photographs, but the affect is aesthetically pleasing. People use equipment such as Holga, expired film, Diana F+, etc. It’s an area of photography that’s dominated my film equipment. Recently, cell phone photography has been included in the “real” photography realm via lo-fi photography; however, it is still frowned upon by some professional photographers. Honestly, I love lo-fi photography. I love lo-fi photography because it’s a recipe controlled by chance mixed with the photographers creativity in subject matter. I love never knowing what my photos are going to turn out as when snapping away. My dslr is amazing and I would never throw it away; however, there’s something about throwing away all my training as a photographer and having fun with low quality equipment.

Below is some fun I had with my iPhone on the way to my car last night. I played around with my camera and learned what happens if I use a certain app or setting. These were just test shots, but I had a lot of fun with them. I’m thoroughly excited about the results and look forward to putting them into practice in a different photo shoot. *Note: I did bring these photos into Adobe Bridge to soften the noise and adjust basic exposure settings*