Self Portrait Project and a Set Back

Note: Feel free to skip the proceeding rant and look at the picture.

Ok, so good news, I finished my Gaga portrait. Bad news, (this is for a class called senior projects and the end goal of the class is to show your finished project in the Fine Arts Gallery for a senior exhibition) the gallery flooded and now we have to show our work in possibly non-gallery area(s). It’s up in the air as to where exactly our work is going to go (or if we will even show together), but more than likely it will not be in a gallery situation. This is going to deprive everyone who signed up and paid tuition (and the gazillion lab fees over the years) the chance to hang in a gallery. Places that have been talked about are in the Commons (no idea how that would work) and the 4th floor FA Hall space (that area is more for decorating a depressing hall way than showing work).

Needless to say, everyone who is taking the class is severely bummed out. I think we should be able to show in the Library Gallery, but the chances of that are slim due to the current show in there. *It’s not like students should get priority because it’s not like all of us have had to find a way to finance our education for the past four years or anything. *Nope. The UMBC graduating visual arts students of 2012 got the short end of the stick.

*Sorry for the sarcasm.

Lady Gaga – Project currently in progress.